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Selling Top-Quality, Food-Grade Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC)

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Our Products

Jay’s Barrel and Drum Supply offers a range of liquor storage solutions and other products. These include the following:

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in Athens, Alabama for more information.

Barrel pump plastic push pull, fits 5-gallon pails up to 55-gallon drums: $25.00

Air-operated barrel pump. Pumps 12 gallons per minute: $110.00

Flojet 2.9 GPM, 12-volt; brings pressure to your shower and cleaning jobs; self-priming; soft, noise-absorbing mounts; can safely run dry; made of corrosion-resistant materials: $75.00

Freshwater pump for campers or wherever you need water pressure: $110.00

Lid opener for buckets/pails: $4.00

5-gallon metal buckets with lever locking lids: $5.00

5-gallon plastic buckets white 90 ml(thickness) commercial-grade: $3.00

Buckets lids: $1.00

1-gallon glass jugs/carboy with screw on lid; food-grade USDA-approved; perfect for fermenting beer and wine: $4.00

3-quart glass jars: $3.00

1.5-liter wine bottles: $1.00; 750 ml: $1.00

5-gallon glass carboy/carboys: $30.00

1-gallon wide mouth glass jars with the lid: $3.00

38mm metal screw on caps, fits most ½-gallon and 1-gallon glass carboys/jugs; 12 count: $10.00 or $1.00 each

3-piece air locks for fermentation: $2.00 each

Double bubble air locks for fermentation: $2.00

Wine and beer triple scale hydrometer: $12.00

Moonshine, proof and tralle hydrometer; Test 0-200 proof: $15.00

28’’ plastic stir paddle for mixing wine or beer: $7.00

Wine thief, nylon wine thief: $10.00

Food-grade tubing, ½ plastic siphon tubing: $1.00 per ft.

Pasteur Champagne Yeast: $1.25 per pack

Lalvin EC-1118 Yeast: $1.25 per pack

Lalvin 71B 1122 Yeast: $1.25 per pack

Campden tablets 100 count: $7.00

Grommets for buckets lids: .75 cents each

Medium universal rubber stopper drilled, fits 5-gallon plastic carboys: $3.00

Drilled universal rubber stopper to fit 5-gallon glass carboys: $2.00

6.5 drilled rubber stoppers to fit 1-gallon glass jugs: $2.00

Carboy brush for cleaning your glass or plastic carboys: $8.00

Corks for wine bottles, #8 x 1 ¾; 30 count.: $10.00

Portuguese double lever corker: $21.00

Plastic plunger-style hand corker: $15.00

5-gallon natural HDPE plastic jugs: $10.00

10-, 15-, 20-, and 22-gallon plastic open top barrels with lever locking lids and handles. Perfect for dry storage: $20.00

15-gallon plastic barrels nonremovable lid with bung and handle. Perfect for water and fuel storage: $25.00

30-gallon plastic barrels open top with resealable lid and metal locking ring. Perfect for dry storage. Containers are stackable: $25.00

15-, 30-, 35-, and 55-gallon water barrels with 2” fill ports and ¾”hose bib in the bottom. Perfect for watering your garden, plants, and animals: $45.00 to $55.00 each

30-gallon plastic closed top nonremovable lid with 2” bung caps: $25.00

55-gallon plastic barrels closed top with 2” fill ports tops will not remove. Perfect for dog houses, cattle troughs, flotation, barrel train, mineral feeder, salt feeder, fuel container, compost, rain collection system, and much more: $20.00 to $25.00

55-gallon plastic open top with lever-locking lids; DOT-approved: $35.00

58-gallon plastic barrels with 1- and 2-piece resealable screw-on lids, makes perfect rain barrels, compost barrels, feed barrels, and deer feeders: $35.00

45-gallon plastic barrels with 2-piece resealable screw-on lids: $30.00

60-gallon plastic barrels with screw-on lids perfect for compost, rain barrels, or store items: $35.00

58-gallon terracotta rain barrels come with ¾ hose bib and screen in the top: $75.00. Put the rain barrel under a downspout of your house or shop and collect free water from the sky; it’s much better for your plants.

55-gallon metal open top barrels with lever-locking lids; perfect for storing items, animal feed, and much more: $25.00

55-gallon open top burn barrels, no lid: $20

55-gallon burn barrel with lid: $25

55-gallon burn barrel with lid and vent holes: $30

Carbon steel, heavy gauge barrels

16-gallon metal barrel open top with lever-locking lids for easy access; new unlined: $40.00

16-gallon metal open top with lug lid: $25.00

30-gallon metal barrel, closed top (non-removable lid) with 2” and ¾” bung; new unlined: $65.00

30-gallon metal barrel, open top (removable lid) with bolt fastener: reconditioned lined or painted inside: $40.00

55-gallon metal barrel, closed top (nonremovable lid) with bungs or plain covers. Perfect for making barbeque grills, heaters, fuel barrel, and for holding waste products, unlined or lined: $35.00

55-gallon metal barrel, open top (removable lid) reconditioned with bolt fastener top, unlined or lined: $35.00

55-gallon metal barrels, open top (removable lid) reconditioned for hazard waste with bolt fastener; DOT-approved: $40.00

55-gallon stainless steel barrels, non-removable lid with 2" and ¾ bungs, reconditioned and cleaned inside: $200.00

55 gallon stainless steel barrels, open top with lever-locking lids, reconditioned and cleaned inside: $250.00

85-gallon salvage drums, reconditioned: $110.00

Wood pallets, 45” to 48”; made sturdy: $6.00 each

Bourbon barrels charred, full size, raw, rustic, no logos: $135.00

Rental barrels (35” H x 24” W x 35” L): $35.00 per barrel for 7 days

100% authentic whiskey barrels charred, full size, raw, rustic, branded; perfect for weddings, man cave, parties, rain barrels, half planters, bars, tables, and furniture:

$200.00 each

Rental barrels (35” H x 24” W x 35” L): $35.00 per barrel for 7 days

100% authentic whiskey barrels charred, full-size, branded, finished: $300.00

100% authentic whiskey barrels charred, full-size, raw, rustic, old no.#7 logo (35” H x 24” W x 35” L): $225.00

100% authentic whiskey barrels charred, full-size, branded, old #7 logo: $325.00

30-gallon charred, white oak, whiskey barrels; used for aging whiskey or bourbon (29” H x 20” W x 29” H): $150.00

15-gallon charred, white oak, whiskey barrels; used for aging whiskey or bourbon:

(24” H x 14.75” W): $125.00

IBC tote containers come with plastic tank, 2” valve, 6” screw-on lid, and metal cage; 275-gallon tote dimensions (48” L x 40” W x 47” H).

330-gallon tote dimensions (48” L x 40” W x 53"H)

275-gallon food-grade clean: $105.00

275-gallon general purpose: $85.00

330-gallon food-grade clean: $135.00

Adapters for 2” valve for totes: $20.00

(Reduces 2” valve down to ¾ hose bib for garden hose connections)

New IBC totes available on request; 275-gallon and 330-gallon available.

Tote cages; metal frame only: $40.00

Bung wrench aluminum non-spark for tightening and loosening barrel bungs: $20.00

6” tote tank lids with vent cap: $20.00

Used lids: $10.00

2” barrel bungs for plastic barrels: $3.00

Bulkhead fittings ¾-inch slip x slip for connecting water barrels together: $8.00

Bulkhead fittings ¾-inch threaded for installing hose bib in rain barrels: $8.00

1-inch: $12.00

2-inch: $16.00

Rain barrel union kit for connecting 2 barrels together: $20.00

Lead-free ¾ -inch hose bibs for rain barrels: $8.00

55-gallon metal and plastic barrel lids: $5.00 each

Large orders: $3.00 each

Barrel lever-locking closures: $5.00 each

Large orders: $3.00 each

Banjo quick connect 2” coupling with male threads: $18.00

Banjo quick connect 2” coupling with female threads: $18.00

Don't worry if you forget your tie down straps, we have those, too.

Pack of four: $20.00 (1” x 15 ft. ratchet straps) or you can just by one strap for $5.00.